Legendary Drag Queen Heklina Is Leaving SF, Ending 'MOTHER'

Longtime San Francisco drag queen Heklina announced she will be relocating to Palm Springs and ending her weekly events at SF Oasis in a Facebook post earlier this week.

Says Heklina, "Being part owner of a business in San Francisco was a dream for me, and I have no regrets. I have done my utmost to be an honest, straightforward businesswoman the past 5 years, but now I feel it’s time for a break. Oasis has been an all-consuming passion for me, and I need to step away to find out what’s next." 

MOTHER will continue with special events, but the final date for the weekly show is TBD. On the post, Heklina continued, "It has meant so much to me to be a part of Oasis, and I deeply appreciate how fiercely San Francisco has embraced the club, and I hope you continue to do so."

Luckily for us, Heklina made sure to note that she is NOT retiring from drag and that this move is only part-time: Keeping her rent-controlled San Francisco apartment is high on her list, of course. Oasis will live on in her memory, and as the "crowning jewel of her career," as she said in the post, she won't be gone for long. "I will never forget all the people over the years, who have pulled me aside personally to thank me for my part in making Oasis happen," she said.

The MOTHER events have been putting San Francisco drag on the map for years, especially after this Florida Man as Lady Voldemort performance at SF Oasis went viral last year:

Originally called "Trannyshack," Heklina has been running the show since 1996 — the longest-running drag show in San Francisco. If you want to get your kicks in while you can, Oasis's last MOTHER events are kicking off almost every weekend this month. Between a Cher tribute this Saturday, Gwen Stefani next Saturday and Dolly Parton night on November 23, your weekends should never be clear.   

Written by Skylar De Paul

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